where YOYO spun in from

why YOYO?

YOYO came as a revelation to Todd and Fiona; to connect inspiring Kiwi Furniture, Accessories and Lighting Design with its customers. A link was missing from the chain and it needed to be united. Hence, the vision for YOYO was two-fold; to establish a showroom and online presence for innovative Kiwi Designers, and to provide enthusiasts of quality, functional design with inspiration and accessibility.

YOYO sources, and designs quality Kiwi Furniture, Accessories and Lighting. Taking it one step further, YOYO customers are given the opportunity to customise the majority of the designs. Alter the width of a table or bookshelf, cover a sofa in your preferred fabric or leather; alongside YOYO, you really can hold the creative reigns, and individualise your space.


what’s in the name?

Mention YOYO and what typically springs to mind is the classic yoyo toy. Invented over two and a half thousand years ago, the toys simple, functional design has stood the test of time. Its structure has remained unchanged. Enjoyed by both young and old, spanning over 100 generations, it’s likely the toy will be loved by just as many, if not, more! The yoyo toy is proof that great design can have an infinite lifespan.

A proven formula, and a somewhat quirky name; Todd and Fiona felt YOYO was the perfect fit for an initiative that would represent inspiring Kiwi Design that will be enjoyed for generations. At YOYO you’ll find innovative, functional Kiwi Furniture, Accessories and Lighting Design that can be customised, to individualise your space.