Pintail Boneboard

Pintail Boneboard

Pintail Boneboard is a study in amalgamating art and engineering with the purpose of everyday use. A handcrafted, designer board that is rad on the street or the wall!

Every board is signed, dated and stamped with the maker's mark, so if it’s not branded 'Boneboard' then it’s an impostor.

Why Bamboo? It’s super strong (static tested to 150kg), desirably flexible and sustainably sourced from quick-to-regenerate bamboo forests that aren’t panda food! To top it off, all offcuts and sawdust are passed onto the community for the likes of firewood, gardens, and chicken coups.

KIWI DESIGN Designpilot

Material Bamboo (sustainably sourced)

Board natural (white) with nickle top-plate, or carbonised (brown) with brass top-plate

Wheels included $1,210

Size 1130L x 215W mm

Contact us to order

Price: $990.00

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