GW – Makaro

GW – Makaro

KIWI DESIGN Gordon Walters (100% NZ)

Wellington born artist and graphic designer Gordon Walters (1919 – 1995) is renowned for combining the symbolic Maori koru with European abstraction in seemingly endless ways. For Maori , the koru symbolises new life and has a special place in customary art. Its use by non-Maori artists such as Walters has been hotly debated.

In Makaro (1969), Walters used a much more subtle colour combination than the stark black and white of his best-known koru paintings. Almost a decade after creating this painting, Walters declared that his koru works were ‘best in black and white or in one colour on white, and I am limiting all my new ones to this range’. In fact, he never stopped experimenting with colour, and in the 1980s, he applied the subtle tonal contrasts of Makaro to several other works.

Material 220gsm matte art paper, wooden frame, glass front

Frame natural, black or white

Size 450 x 620 mm (print 420 x 594 mm (A2))

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Price: $299.00

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