Giddyup Rocking Stool

Giddyup Rocking Stool

Giddyup evolved from an exploration of less static ways of sitting, and an attraction to old worn saddles.

The Designer often found himself wondering about the stories ingrained in the scruffs, scratches, and wear marks of the old saddles; Where did the saddle come from? What sort of person owned and cared for it? And what was the horse or pony like that wore it? Consequently, he wanted to combine the use of the saddle with the idea of ‘active’ sitting, and by doing so provide a fun experience for the user (both children and adults).

KIWI DESIGN Designtree

Material  re-purposed leather saddle, stainless steel screws, non-toxic citrus oil finish

Plywood frame (FSC-certified Gaboon marine-grade)

Natural $960

Dark Stain $1,020

or American Ash frame

Natural $1,260 (featured image)

Dark Stain $1,320

Size varies depending on size of saddle - approx. 810L x 575W x 520H mm

CUSTOMISE Contact us to order in your preferred timber and stain, or better still have your own saddle reincarnated (POA)

Price: $960.00

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