Throw – Heirloom

Throw – Heirloom

Designed and made in New Zealand, the luxurious Heirloom faux fur throws are to be truly treasured. Quality materials and craftsmanship make these timeless furs, as beautiful and indulgent as the real thing. Their silky touch is due to carefully selected modacrylic fibres, which sets them well ahead of any counterparts. They're bound to become genuine family heirlooms.


Material  faux fur (modacrylic fibres) backed with plush velour

Colour Arctic Fox, Arctic Pup, Beige Rabbit, Black Rabbit, Mountain Rabbit, Snow Wolf, Snowshoe Hare, Striped Chinchilla

Size 150L x 180W mm

CUSTOMISE Contact us for a quote in your preferred size

Price: $399.00

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