Floating Dining Table

Floating Dining Table

Floating Dining Table; clean and modern, with a top that appears to float! This dining table's distinct difference, brings an object of originality to any dining environment.

KIWI DESIGN Tim Webber Design

Material European Birch Plywood (Top: 18mm, Legs: 24mm) with High Pressure Laminate - ideal for a table top as it’s easy to clean and maintain.

Top Black or White

Legs Natural

1800L x 900W x 750H mm ($2,550)

2000L x 1000W x 750H mm ($2,650)

2200L x 1100W x 750H mm ($2,950)

2400L x 1200W x 750H mm ($3,199)

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CUSTOMISE Contact us for a quote in your preferred size / colour combo


Price: $2,550.00

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