Maori Alphabet Blocks

Maori Alphabet Blocks

Maori Alphabet Blocks are not just alphabet blocks; they’re visual learning tools too. And when placed together they look pretty cool!

This imaginative set of marauding gods, numbers, math symbols and the Maori alphabet will help to carry Te Reo Maori through the generations.

Knowing about one’s culture is just as important as learning the alphabet. That’s why these blocks feature six carved figures that represent the sons of Ranginui and Papatuanuku.  The blocks can be used to help tell the story of Te Ao Marama*. Furthermore, each carved figure is rendered in one of six different carving styles from around Aoteraroa.

The blocks function as visual teaching aids helping familiarise children and adults with both Maori language and Maori carving.

* Te Ao Marama is a Maori concept relating to wisdom and understanding. It derives from the myth in which Tane separated his Sky Father Ranginui and Earth Mother Papatuanuku to create Te Ao Marama or the world of light. This allowed Tane and his brothers to grow and better understand the world around them.

KIWI DESIGN Made by Johnson

Material timber

Size 24 blocks in a set; 44mm cubes

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Price: $89.00

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