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Please read the YOYO.co.nz Terms + Conditions carefully before making your purchase. By entering YOYO.co.nz you acknowledge and agree to all the terms set out below.

Use of Website

While YOYO.co.nz, its content and any of the information on it (together “the Content”) is published in good faith, we makes no warranty or representation about the Content being free of errors or omissions, complete or correct. YOYO.co.nz excludes to the maximum extent permitted by law, any liability which may arise as a result of the use of the Content.

YOYO.co.nz will not be liable for any indirect, incidental, special or consequential loss arising out of use of the Content, including loss of business profits.

YOYO.co.nz reserves the right to delete, amend or change the Content from time to time and without notice.

YOYO.co.nz obligations with respect to its Products and Services are governed solely by the agreements under which they are provided. Nothing on the Website should be construed to alter or form part of such agreements.

Availability of Products

You acknowledge and agree that, from time to time some Products on YOYO.co.nz may be out of stock or unavailable, and we may not be able to fulfill all or part of your Order within a particular time frame. If this occurs, we will contact you within 5 business days to cancel the order, or help in any other way we can. If necessary, we will use reasonable endeavours to process a full or partial refund within 5 business days. The receipt of your refund will depend on the period of time it takes your financial institution to finalise the refund. YOYO.co.nz is not liable with respect to any loss you or any third party may suffer as a result of any delay in processing your refund.

We reserve the right to withdraw or suspend any Products displayed on YOYO.co.nz from sale, either temporarily or permanently, at any time and without notice. We will not be liable for any loss you or any third party suffer as a result of a withdrawal or suspension of availability with respect to Products.

Where your Order is affected by an error on YOYO.co.nz (for example, in relation to a Product description, an image, price or otherwise), we can cancel the part of the Order that is the subject of the error. If applicable, we will proceed to fulfill the remainder of your Order in accordance with these Terms + Conditions. If you are not satisfied with the partial fulfillment, you can return your Order in accordance with the Returns Policy.

You acknowledge and agree that:

  • all pictures and images of Products displayed on YOYO.co.nz are for illustration purposes only, and the dimensions of Products may differ in real life;
  • you have read any corresponding written description of the Products prior to submitting your Order;
  • the colour of Products as shown on YOYO.co.nz may vary slightly in shade in real life;
  • where YOYO.co.nz provides dimensions of Products (where applicable), it is your responsibility to ensure that the actual size of each item is suitable for your purpose prior to submitting your Order; and
  • any accessory featured with Products is for the purpose of illustration only.

Payment Policy

All prices on YOYO.co.nz are given in New Zealand Dollars and exclude delivery costs. YOYO.co.nz accepts payment by credit card (MasterCard and VISA) and Bank Deposit. Full payment is required before we can proceed with your Order. After submitting your Order online, you will receive a confirmation email including the YOYO.co.nz bank account details (for payment by Bank Deposit), or confirmation of receipt of full payment by credit card. Please see the Delivery section for more information about delivery times and costs.

Caring for your Product and Warranties

Product care instructions and warranties are available upon request. Please contact wellington@yoyo.co.nz for further details. We ask that you include your date of purchase.